See mass migration for what it is – invasion

Robert Henderson

The French writer Jean Raspail’s Camp of the Saints describes a situation not unlike that of the present exodus from North Africa and the Middle East. In Raspail’s book the invasion is by large ships crammed with Third World migrants coming to Europe where the ships are beached and the migrants flood into Europe, a Europe which has lost the will to resist because of decades of politically correct internationalist propaganda. Europe and eventually the entire developed world falls to the invasion of the Third World hordes who are armed only with their misery and the Pavlovian response of  First World populations brainwashed to believe that they collectively are to blame for third world ills and  who  consequently  cannot morally deny the invaders entry to their lands.. This is the scenario which is now being acted out in the Mediterranean, but with, in the main, small boats, rather than large ones carrying the mi grants.

The stark truth is that mass immigration is invasion resulting in the effective colonisation of parts of the invaded country because immigrants from a similar background have a pronounced tendency to congregate in the same area. Any other description of mass immigration is wilfully  dishonest.  It is as reasonable for a people to resist invasion by mass immigration as it is to an invasion by an armed invader.

Anti-immigration parties are on the rise because all over the developed world their elites have ignored the wishes of their people and forced mass immigration on them. In Britain (and many other first world countries) this has been accompanied by the increasingly punitive application of the criminal law to those who protest about mass immigration and its effects.

Nor is it only the developed world. Everywhere mass immigration is abhorred, for example, in South Africa where the government has just had to send in the army to stop attacks on migrants

The promotion of mass immigration is a particularly deep treason, because unlike an invasion by military force the legions of the immigrant army are disparate and cannot be readily expelled. Where mass immigration is deliberately  promoted by a government, as happened under Blair according to ex-No 10 advisor Andrew Neather,   to deliberately change the nature of a  society (in Neather’s words, “to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date”)  it is the most contemptible of treasons.

Mass immigration is a form of theft by the elites who permit it.  It robs  a people of their collective and individual  sense of national security and an enjoyment of a culture and history in which all share. Mundanely it steals from it people, and especially the poor, the  things which are necessary for a decent life:  housing at a decent price, schools which are near to where children live and which do not boast “96 languages are spoken here”, ready access to GPs and hospital treatment and   well paid jobs which have not had their wages suppressed through immigrant labour.  The whole business is made even more repulsive because the elites who inflict this on their people take good care to live in very white,  and in England, very English, worlds whilst incessantly extolling the joy of diversity.    These people know precisely what they are inflicting on others.

The answer to the migrants flooding across the Mediterranean  is very simple, spend money on surveillance methods such as drones and satellites and a substantial fleet of fast manoeuvrable ships which can patrol the Mediterranean  and intercept immigrant laden boats and ships and tow them back from whence they came.  The ideal would be to unload the migrants  and then destroy the ships.

It is also probable  that  the drone and satellite  surveillance would  provide information on where human traffickers are assembling their passengers and where the boats likely to be used to transport them are harboured.  If so, action could be taken by the Western powers to destroy their boats whilst in harbour. Lest there be a wail against Western states interfering with Third World countries, those contemplating such a  complaint should  reflect on the palpable fact that the states from which the migrants are coming are either failed states or  are actively conniving with the traffickers to get migrants from North Africa and the Middle East  into Europe.

If such a scheme t cost a billion  pounds a year it would be cheap at the price.  In fact if it cost ten billion a year it would be cheap. Such a scheme would be undeniably practical.  All that is required is the political will, of elites and the governed in the West,   to cast aside the politically correct mentality  which says people must be allowed to come, must be saved from perils into they have placed themselves,   regardless of the cost to the Western societies who have until now been expected to  take them in.

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  • Graphite  On July 14, 2015 at 11:34 am

    It is undoubtedly true that mass immigration to first world countries (particularly ‘legal’ immigration) is supported by the new consensus. What’s that, you say?
    It’s the result of the new left and the neo-liberal right – unofficially – agreeing that (1) the neo-con right will keep quiet as traditional western nations are diluted and ultimately destroyed by the influx of migrants, as long as (2) the left focuses on minority rights issues at the expense of defending the working classes of Western nations. The right gets bigger markets and cheaper labour, the left gets a multicultural society (for whatever it’s worth..).
    As an example, the Australian Industry Group, a big business lobby, is in lockstep agreement with Green Left Weekly, a trendy left newspaper, on the desirability of mass immigration. In Australia, mass immigration threatens the continued existence of the Australian people as well as the hard won conditions of the Australian working class.
    There is a gaping chasm between the opinion expressed by the new consensus and that of ordinary Australian people. Like many Australians, I long for the return of the old left, who envisaged the kind of country that Australia was in the 1960’s and 70’s. A country where our people were paid fair wages for a fair days work and the quality of life in our cities wasn’t eroded by unsustainable population growth. The classic left and right are equally abhorrent and equally guilty of treason.

  • dusty  On July 15, 2015 at 2:17 am

    There is very little in your comment or in the original article that I find anything to disagree with.

    The Left are in bed with the Neo-Cons who run the political Right. There is no significant group of capitalists anywhere in the West that oppose mass immigration. Modern Fascism therefore resides in the Left and Neo-Cons..Globalo-Fascism, a strutting righteous ideology that has absolute contempt for the Western working class and working people and for the nations their ancestors built. And we are yet to see the worst of it.

    I’m Australian too and know our traditional Lefts history on these matters. Sadly we will not see the rise of any traditional left. The real left today resides in those who oppose the root of the problem,, Global Imperialism whatever they are dubbed or whatever call themselves.

    These issues have long been raised on this website:!forum/alt.politics.socialism.trotsky

  • Jul121  On September 6, 2015 at 4:45 am

    I found your post by googling “refugees” and “sense of entitlement”. That’s the word that occurred to me as I was watching today’s news, but all the media feed us a completely different narrative. Your blog is a voice of sanity amidst media frenzy.
    I am frightened.
    Many of these refugees find Western values alien to them, they hate but envy the ‘West’, all they want is its share of riches, hence this unbelievable sense of entitlement accompanied by anger.
    All this somehow reminds me of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia back in 1917 – the same idea that the well-off MUST share their wealth with the poor. I am by no means opposed to humanitarian aid, but what is happening is not a humanitarian crisis, it is indeed an invasion. I am sure many of these refugees are ISIS recruits.
    Up until now I felt very sympathetic towards the Syrians and especially the Iraqi people because the war in Iraq was an American aggression, in my opinion. But my attitude is changing now. The American troops are gone, yet the Iraqis are not willing to fight for their country against the ISIS, they are not willing to build true democracy and stop sectarian feud. Instead they flee their nation and become a burden for taxpayers in richer countries. This is a parasitic mindset.
    The media often allude to post WWII refugee crisis, but the military conflict in the Middle East is ongoing, there is no end in sight. The flow of the refugees will be unending. When will the politicians call this crisis for what it is, before it is too late???

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