The ideas which drive this blog

1. The nation state is the most natural and lasting form of large scale human organisation. Empires come and go, nations last until they are exterminated. The nation is the tribe writ large. It satisfies the innate tribal nature of man. Move to a larger form of organisation such as the EU and the integrity of the tribe is lost which  allows the elites controlling the supra-national bloc to destroy any democratic control over them by the age-old trick of divide and  rule.

2. Any loss of sovereignty through treaties which cannot be nullified by a simple vote of Parliament constitute treason. The treaties which bind Britain to the EU are of this nature. Consequently, Britain should withdraw from the EU immediately.

3. A free society requires constitutional restraints on what a government may do. The most important of these restraints is an absolute guarantee of free expression for if free public debate exists no gross abuse of power is likely to survive in the long term.  Secrecy by the powerful and influential is always a recipe for elite abuse.

4. Free expression is indivisible. The choice is between free expression and a range of permitted opinion.

5. Democracy is impossible without free expression.

6. The one class of people to whom public freedom of expression should be denied is that of  those who would deny it to others.

7. Political correctness is a totalitarian creed which is incompatible with a  free and democratic society for it allows only its own tenets to be true and ruthlessly suppresses contrary opinion.

8. The first duty of a government is to ensure the defence of the country. This means providing armed forces designed to protect the country and not to serve NWO  projects such the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

9. As a matter of national security a country needs to be self-sufficient in food, energy and have the manufacturing capacity to make all necessary products.

10. Mass immigration is the most effective and insidious form of conquest,  because unlike invasion by force there is  no national resistance led by government and because its surreptitious nature allows massive numbers to settle territory before native unrest reaches a level that it is  impossible to ignore by national politicians. By then it too late to avert the conquest by any civilised means.  A government which permits it is committing the most profound of treasons. All British governments since 1945 have been guilty of this most fundamental crime. There should be an immediate and permanent end to mass immigration to Britain.

11. Multiculturalism is a recipe for fracturing any society. It is a form of appeasement and appeasement can only ever be a tactic to buy time never a strategy. As a matter of policy it should be rooted out of British society and a policy of assimilation adopted.  

12. Large populations of immigrants and their descendants who cannot or will not assimilate so as to be indistinguishable from the native population will of necessity perform the role of fifth columns.

13. “Free markets” are state controlled markets because the natural end of a truly free market  is monopoly or at least greatly reduced competition. To prevent  monopoly the governments of  so-called free market economies interfere with the market in the most radical way by passing laws to prevent monopoly.

14. “Free trade” is state controlled trade because the state has to make the decision not to protect its home market. It also means that countries with vastly different economic circumstances –  such as the possession or not of a welfare state, massive differences in the cost of  living, very different tax regimes and great differences in the state’s control of the economy – have to compete on terms which result in the developed world losing their  manufacturing base if they play by the globalist rules.

15. Globalism is destabilising for it both facilitates mass immigration which fractures the societies which receive the immigrants and makes countries which embrace the “free trade” ideology ever less self-sufficient.

16. The concept of a species based on purely biological criteria makes no sense for a self-aware highly intelligent organism such as homo sapiens. It makes  more sense to say that Man primarily speciates by culture not biology, although biological differences may determine culture, for example, if there is a genetic tendency in a population to favour a behavioural trait  that will express itself in the culture created or adopted by the society.

17. The distribution of IQ means than any society will have a substantial number of people with low IQs and a majority with mediocre IQs. In Britain where the average national IQ is 100, only 25%  have IQs of 110 or better and ten per cent of the population (6 million people) will have IQs of 80 or less. An IQ of 80 is the point at which most psychologists working in the field think that an individual begins to struggle to live an independent life in an advanced modern society.  A government in such a society should base its educational, social and economic policies on the IQ facts of life and (1) not try to force large numbers of people with mediocre to low IQs into university and (2) ensure that low-skilled work is available for those with seriously low IQs by ensuring that immigrants do not take such work.

18. Contrary to the incessant government propaganda about the need to train everyone for high skilled work,   most jobs in Britain today are as they have always been, relatively low-skilled. This can be seen by simply reflecting on the number of jobs which can be picked up within a matter of days, for example, the vast number of jobs in retail outlets.  

19. The claim that immigrants generally take jobs which Britons refuse to do does not stand up to scrutiny. Vast swathes of UK employment never even come onto the open UK labour market because the posts are filled through agents and gangmasters who recruit from a single immigrant group, the agent or gangmaster commonly being from the immigrant group. Moreover, some British employers prefer to employ immigrants because they can be more readily controlled. Once an area of work has been colonised by immigrant labour, not unnaturally native Britons do not want to work in a place where they will be in the ethnic minority in their own country. Nor is the playing field level for immigrant and British workers. For example, an immigrant from Poland can come to Britain, work for a couple of years doing menial work in the black market whilst living in a squat  and easily save £5,000.  That is sufficient to buy a house in Poland. Give Britons the chance to earn the price of a house in Britain by working abroad in a menial job for two years and there would be no shortage of takers.

20. Most people in the First World are poor. For example, more than half the British population could not live off their savings for a month. To be other than poor, a person or family must be able to live off their savings indefinitely. To be truly rich a person or family must have private means which insure that they will never have to work.

21. To be able to live a normal life human beings need security. The most fundamental sources of security are  home from which they cannot be evicted and a regular job. A mixture of wanton addiction to globalism and  criminally reckless fiscal policy over the past 30 years has destroyed both for large section of British society.

22. Foreign aid is wrong in principle because a government forcibly  takes money from its own people to spend on foreigners. In the words of the economist Peter Bauer “foreign aid is the process of taking money from the poor in rich countries and giving it to the rich in poor countries” It is a Danegeld levied by liberal bigot elites to satisfy their vanity project of creating the world in their own image. The relief of foreign suffering should be left to private charity.

23. There is a clear difference between private enterprise and public services: the former seeks profit, the latter to provide vital universal services such as healthcare to the public.  Profit and the provision of universal services do not mix, because any universal service will always require expenditure on non-profit making activities, for example, the keeping open of unprofitable train routes because of the social good of ensuring all can move around the country.

24. A welfare state is necessary in a civilised society because private provision plus charity has been shown throughout history to be wholly inadequate to meet the vital needs of the population as a whole.

25. Although public services are essential to any advanced society, a cap should be placed on public spending to prevent profligacy such as that perpetrated by NuLabour. The cap should be 40% of GDP except in times of war.

26. Under the present devolution arrangements England is grossly disadvantaged because (1) the per capita Treasury funding to the Celtic Fringe – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – is approximately £1,500 per head higher than it is to England and (2) England alone of the four home countries of the UK is left without a political voice.  Per capita funding to the Celtic Fringe should be reduced to that of England and an English Parliament created.  Such a parliament could be created at little extra cost. MPs elected for English seats would form the English Parliament which would sit in the Commons. Where federal matters such as defence and foreign affairs  were debated, MPs from the Celtic Fringe would join the  English MPs to form the UK federal parliament also sitting in the Commons. Hence, no new building or extra politicians would be needed.

27. The debate over whether  man-made global warming exists is irrelevant because one billion people live in the developed world and 6 billion in the rest of the world. If the world’s population does not rise above  its present 7 billion and the 6 billion in the developing world produced only half the per capita greenhouse emissions that exist in the developed world – a wildly unlikely proposition – the amount of greenhouse gases emitted would dwarf present emissions which the believers in man-made global warming claim are leading the world to perdition. Moreover, the world’s population will not remain at its present level but plausibly increase to 9 billion by 2050.

28. The globalist fantasy is precisely that, a fantasy. Human nature is what it always was and will remain so. Individuals will generally seek their own advantage and sociological laws we do not even begin to understand will translate the individual’s wishes into that of the group. Countries such as China and India which are untainted by the liberal’s belief in the universality of mankind will behave ruthlessly in their own interest. The countries infected with elites tied to liberal internationalism are in danger of being swallowed up economically and literally by those who still have elites tied to reality.

Robert Henderson

30 8 2010


  • efgd  On August 20, 2012 at 3:58 pm

    25. Although public services are essential to any advanced society, a cap should be placed on public spending to prevent profligacy such as that perpetrated by NuLabour. The cap should be 40% of GDP except in times of war.

    How would you reduce Public Spending Robert – the current PS of GDP is 46%

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