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The 39 Grays  dead are not victims

Robert Henderson

The  recent discovery of 39 would be migrant bodies in a shipping container in Grays  Essex has produced behaviour from mainstream politicians, mediafolk and those representing immigrants such as charities and lawyers,  which should be seen as astonishing . Sadly, that is not the case for  political correctness now  how such a grip on the  subject of immigration that reason goes out of the window.

The  dead , all from  Vietnam, have been routinely  and wrongly  described as victims.   That word   implies that they were people who were simply unfortunate.  This will not do.  They  must have been aware of the risks they were taking  simply because of the nature of the escapade they were joining . Moreover, because of the widespread publicity,   particularly on  the  Internet,  given to the dangers of being smuggled illegally into a foreign country it is unlikely in this digital age that they would have been unaware of dangers such as dying in inappropriate vehicles.  Hence, rather than being victims these people were willing risk takers  who in this instance lost out to the risk.

The other striking aspect of the story was the fact that the dead had paid substantial sums of money up front to the traffickers. In the  reports on the story one family said they had  paid  £30,000 upfront -there is no suggestion in the media coverage that this was a deal where the person to be smuggled repaid the debt  gradually once in the UK.   This was not someone coming from wretched economic circumstances.  Presumably the other migrants would have also paid substantial sums.

But even if any of the 39 dead had come from circumstances of dire poverty  their  illegal attempt  to come to the UK that would be no excuse  for  breaking the law because no country can  or should  willingly accept people simply  because they are poor for  if they do there is no end to the numbers who will come.

The other glaring point about the  attempt to enter illegally is the distance from which the dead have come. It is not simply that they had come hallway across the word live in the UK.  What  is striking is the  fact that once they reached Europe  there were several dozen first world  countries in which  they could have applied for asylum before reaching the  UK . The fact that the UK was their chosen destination  makes it unlikely these were people fleeing persecution.

The false sense of entitlement

There has grown up amongst  Western politicians a habit of saying that  immigrants, whether legal or illegal, are understandably coming to the West for a better  life. That now often shifts to the politician saying or implying that the  immigrant is doing something admirable  in trying to get to the west, a sentiment frequently accompanied by a claim that immigrants have added so much to  the countries they have settled in .

Unsurprisingly, the multiculturalists  in the West mimic the mainstream politicians and many go further and say  or imply that immigration from  the Third and Second Worlds to the West is a human right. All of this places additional pressure on the mainstream politicians until they start to soften greatly on immigration.  From that arises the populist backlash we are now seeing throughout the developed world.

The reality is that  social heterogeneity in a society  always produces friction where there are different groups in the  society  which are differentiated by race and/or ethnicity. Conversely, homogeneity  is  much less likely to produce social friction.

The long march through the institutions

Why do mainstream politicians almost all sing from the same song sheet when it comes to immigration and its consequences?  The West has fallen prey to the  long march through the institutions. This brilliant  political idea was given shape  and prominence in the 1960s t by  a German student activist   Rudi Dutschke.  Dutschke  was a Marxist but one who was unorthodox. He was influenced by the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramschi who  developed the idea of cultural hegemony

Dutschke ‘s idea was simple but brilliant.  He advocated that the Left  should capture positions of power and  perhaps even more impotent influence, for  example  our schools, universities, media  and government departments.

So successful has this  strategy been   that  Western societies have been not only seriously altered through mass immigration but  the suppression  of free expression. Not just about  immigration and its effects but  what is now called political correctness which revolves around any attempt at discriminating based on race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation  all of which requires an internationalist cast of mind because the non-discrimination rule operates on the basis that all human are to be treated equally.

The idea that humans may not be allowed to discriminate is a literal nonsense because humans like all organisms have to continually discriminate . It is called making choices.

The rational British response  to the  39 dead

The rational British  response  towards the   39 dead  should be alarm that so many were trying enter the UK illegally  in a single container and what that suggests for illegal immigration by such a route.

The numbers could be very substantial.  Suppose  500  immigrants a day arrive by that route, That would be 162,000 a year.  Of course the figure could much higher because the amount of freight entering the UK is colossal.

The democratic deficit

Since 1945 internationalist minded Western political elites have permitted indeed encouraged overtly or tacitly huge numbers of immigrants from the Second and Third Worlds to come to the West.  This has been done without any meaningful  consultation  about mass immigration with the native populations of  those countries.

Rather,  resentment of such immigration has been ever more  ruthlessly repressed by  Western political elites who have made any serious challenge to the  internationalist fantasy a crime which may be punished on a spectrum from the loss of a job   to criminal prosecution and imprisonment.

Does anyone honestly believe that in the case of the  UK a referendum on immigration at any time since 1945 would have returned a majority  for mass immigration?

Mass immigration should be seen for what it is, namely, invasion and settlement .   Those who have permitted, indeed often overtly encouraged, mass immigration are guilty  of the most profound treason for what could be more damaging to a society than allowing huge numbers of those who make no bones about wanting to keep their own ways at best and are actively hostile to the cultural norms of the society in which they settle?

Western politicians and all those who have  supported them – public servants, the created the enclaves of the unassimilatable have produced an entirely predictable result, namely,  fractured societies which have lost a shared cultural identity.

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