There is much that suggest George Floyd’s death was an accident

Robert Henderson

Some facts about the death of Floyd and the subsequent  trial of the police officer Derek Chauvin

1. Floyd  was a very large and powerfully built man , much larger than any of the police involved.

2. He had twice refused police orders: the first time to get out of his car and the second time to get into the police car. Had he obeyed the second order he would be alive today in all probability.

3. The second act of disobedience occasion involved Floyd going limp to avoid bring put in the police car.

4. The restraint hold Chauvin used was one sanctioned by his police force.

5. Floyd had a heart condition which may have contributed to his death. Chavin cannot have known that.

6 Floyed had drugs in him at the time which may have contributed to his death. Chavin cannot have known that.

In summary, the police had reason to believe that Floyd was simply being difficult and potentially carried a physical threat because of his size.

There is also the fact that Floyd was a violent career criminal. Whether Chauvin knew about Floyd’s criminal record is unclear from the coverage of the event. However, Chauvin may well have done because he knew Floyd having met him when he (Chauvin) worked a a security officer and Floyd was acting as a bouncer.

I find the argument  that the heart condition and drug use cannot affect the change of homicide strange. As far as Chauvin was concerned at the time of the death Floyd was simply being treated as what he was ostensibly a large powerful man who worked as a bouncer who had already been truculent. Moreover, Chauvin almost certainly had used the hold before with no ill effects.

Taking all the circumstances into account it is unreasonable to suggest Chauvin was behaving recklessly.

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  • Anthony Rice  On April 5, 2021 at 12:20 pm

    The truth or any mitigation of the charge against Chauvin will cut no ice with B L M or Antifa as all they are interested in is stirring up their fake racist ideology, social unrest and civil strife. Witness that the same was spread by them to the U K where no involvement whatsoever was connected to that in America, simply an excuse to cause the same here as well. The Authorities are petrified of B L M and retribution for slavery, hence whereas blacks are only 3.9 % of U K population, EVERY advert etc now on TV and all other visual adverts, feature at least 50% or more blacks , with of course the subtle brainwashing of a black partnered with a white person, white mother, or even grandmother with black children. Sooner or later the general population will take offence at being eased out of our own culture and there will be a backlash. It would not surprise me if for example, employers fight shy of employing blacks on the grounds they may cause trouble of racial accusation.

  • Lisa T  On July 20, 2021 at 12:06 am

    Dear Robert Henderson,

    I just wanted to say I recently read your essay on why Asians haven’t dominated and I found it to be really eye-opening, so much that I regret not reading it sooner. As an Asian myself, I think you explained yourself so clearly without any bias, just facts and understanding and so I promise I wasn’t offended at all. It’s unbelievably refreshing to read something that answers questions I always had but I was never able to ask out loud.

    I can only imagine the stress you’ve been through with people just wanting to get upset instead of paying attention and listening to what you have to say. For what it’s worth, please know there’s at least one more person now whose eyes you opened. I don’t know if you still check comments on this site but if so I would love to discuss your ideas more, including about my race (I’m Southeast Asian).

    Thanks so much,


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