The Leveson Inquiry – Robert Henderson’s evidence still being considered

Miss Kim Brudenell

Solicitor to the Inquiry

Leveson Inquiry

Royal Courts of Justice


London WC1

14 February  2012

Dear Miss Brudenell,

Confirming our telephone conversation of 14 February, you stated:

1. That my email to you of 27 January was received despite no acknowledgement being sent .

2.  That my various submissions to the Inquiry are currently being reviewed.

3.  That no decision as to whether I will  be called as a witness has been made.

4. That it is probable that  you  will write to me with answers to the questions  raised in my email of 27 January  within 14 days.

We agreed that if I have not received a written reply from you within two weeks I will  phone you again.

I think it would be useful if  we have  a meeting to allow me to explain fully  the extent of the  press abuse I have experienced,  the blatant failure of  the PCC to act even when presented with the most persuasive evidence of breaches of the PCC  Code of  Conduct and the shameful  refusal of  the police to meaningfully investigate instances of the press receiving information illicitly from the police which I have referred to them.

If I am not called to give evidence  it will be scandalous. Not only  am I an exemplary witness for all of the abuses the Inquiry is investigating bar phone tapping, but I have provided you with a letter from an editor  to the PCC admitting receiving information illicitly from the police. As that editor has already appeared before the Inquiry and under oath denied any knowledge of receiving information illicitly from the police, that constitutes an  unambiguous act of perjury.

Please acknowledge receipt of this email. You might like to note that I have yet to receive an acknowledgement  at the first time of asking for any of the emails I have sent to the Inquiry.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Henderson

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  • Katy  On April 29, 2012 at 10:53 am

    Interesting article.
    If you are interested in press freedom here is a great debate by Worldbytes, where volunteers consider the Counter Leveson Inquiry, a campaign launched by the online journal Spiked. Journalist Patrick Hayes challenges participants not to go along with the inquiry’s dangerous assumptions. He argues that free speech and a free press with no ‘buts’ are essential for democracy.


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