Sweden chooses freedom over draconian laws

Robert Henderson

Sweden is the odd man out amongst first world nations when it comes to dealing with the corolavirus.  The country has adopted a more relaxed regime than any other country, a regimes  which allows for far more social mixing  and much less interference with the economy.

Deaths from the  deaths from corlavirus  in Sweden are higher than their near neighbours in Scandinavia  but importantly  lower than for many  first world countries., including the UK, viz:

Sweden has a population of 10.2 million; Denmark 5.8  million, Norway 5.3  Finland 5.5 million .

Let us assume for the sake of arithmetical simplicity  that Denmark, Norway and Finland would have double the deaths   if their  populations were double what they are.  That would mean

Norway   300 deaths
Denmark  642 deaths
Finland     144 deaths

At first glance that looks a persuasive argument for Sweden having made a mistake.  However, now compare  the UK with Sweden

Sweden’s death toll is  1,333

The UK death toll is 13,729 patients who have died in hospital    https://www.itv.com/news/2020-04-16/coronavirus-death-toll-in-uk-increases-by-861-bringing-total-to-13-729/

The UK population is around 66 million

Sweden’s population is around a sixth of the UK

A sixth of 13,729 UK patients is 2,288

That compares the actual  Swedish death toll of 1,333

Hence Sweden has an extrapolated death toll  955 lower than the UK despite adopting a much more liberal policy in dealing with the coronavirus. That cannot be called a failure. The Swedes chose freedom over fewer deaths bought at the cost of draconian laws attacking the individual.

The questions  to consider are these:

1.Is the greater good served by the Swedes retaining their freedom to live a an much more normal life ?
adopting a more rigorous set of rules which may have resulted in fewer lives  being lost?

2. Have the Swedes preserved much more of their economy by adopting for a greater degree of freedom

I am assuming the death toll of both the UK and Sweden are just for hospital deaths. The UK figure  most certainly is.

Sweden is a  less densely populated country than the UK , although it is still pretty  urbanised,   the 4 largest urban areas being:
1 Stockholm 1,515,017
2 Gothenburg 572,799
3 Malmö 301,706
4 Uppsala 149,245
450,295 km²  Land area of Sweden
242,495 km²   Land area of UK
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