Leveson Inquiry: sabotaging deniability

Robert Henderson

To remove the defence of “I did not know”from those running the Inquiry, I have sent a fascimile copy of Morgan letter to the PCC to every barrister employed by the Inquiry via their chambers and to Leveson at the House of Lords


To:  Counsel to the Leveson Inquiry Robert Jay QC, David Barr, Josephine Norris, William Irwin, Toby Fisher, Heather Emmerson, Carine Patry Hopkins

In November I supplied the Inquiry  with a copy of the letter Piers Morgan sent to the PCC when he was editor of the Mirror . In the letter he admitted receiving information illicitly from the police, almost certainly by paying the police officer involved.  A copy of that letter in text form is below. The  attached word document has the letter with all the formatting intact including showing the Mirror letterhead on which it is written .

In his letter to the PCC Morgan wrote “The   police  source of our article (whose  identity  we have  a  moral obligation to protect) gave  us  the  detail of the  letters  that  we  then published.”

Under oath before the Inquiry Morgan denied ever having obtained information illicitly from the police whilst editor of the Mirror.  Consequently he has almost certainly committed perjury.  I  brought that fact to the attention of the Inquiry in December.

Despite the clear evidence of the illicit supply of information by the police to the Mirror,  the Inquiry legal team is refusing to investigate either Morgan’s admission to the PCC or his probable perjury. This brings the Inquiry into disrepute and places any person working for the Inquiry in a legal capacity in  professional jeopardy if they allow to continue this failure to investigate serious crimes which go directly to the  core of what the Inquiry is supposed to achieve, namely, the exposure of press misbehaviour with a view to controlling it in the future,

To give you the details of how we have reached present state of play, I enclose below Morgan’s letter my recent email exchanges with the Inquiry solicitors.

I ask you all to get the refusal to investigate the evidence I have given relating to Morgan overturned.

Robert Henderson 18 February 2012


Lord Leveson

House of Lords

London WCI

20 February 2012

Dear Lord Leveson,

I write to you directly to ensure that you have sight of Piers Morgan’s letter to the PCC in which he unambiguously admits receiving information illicitly from the police by writing “The police source of our article (whose identity we have a moral obligation to protect) gave us the detail of the letters that we then published.” A copy of the letter is enclosed, together with copies of my recent email exchanges with Miss Brudenell and her staff on 15 and 18 February.

The legal team servicing the Inquiry are refusing to use this information which shows that Morgan lied under oath to the Inquiry. This failure to act seriously undermines the integrity of the Inquiry and suggests that the any evidence which will bring anyone with serious power, wealth or influence within the confines of the criminal law will be suppressed.

I ask you to use the information I have provided to expose Morgan’s doubly criminal behaviour of receiving information illicitly from the police and perjuring himself before your Inquiry.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Henderson 

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  • Roger Dewhurst  On February 20, 2012 at 8:44 pm

    Send it to every member of the House of Lords and to every member of the House of Commons.


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