The complete “The wages of Scottish Independence”

I have  completed a  series on the implications of Scottish  independence in the Calling England blog. They cover all the important ground
relating to the question:

the matter of Scottish independence, the British political elite and the
Scottish Numpty Party (SNP) are flatly  ignoring the interests of the English,
Welsh and Northern Irish.  This is unreasonable for two reasons: firstly, the
granting of independence to … Continue reading →

The wages of Scottish independence – If Parliament says NO

or not Scotland would vote for independence is debatable.  Polls consistently
show a majority against, although there are always a substantial number of
“don’t knows”.  In a  referendum held only in Scotland with the YES campaign
headed by the … Continue reading →


Scotland is very isolated. It is a stranded at the top of mainland Britain with
a single land border with England.  Any goods or people coming and going to
Scotland have a choice of independent access by air and … Continue reading →

The wages of Scottish independence – a divided country

divided country is not the UK but Scotland. Its divisions are cultural,
geographical, religious, demographic and racial. Demographically Scotland is a
most peculiar place. It has a population estimated at 5.2 million in 2010
( set in an area … Continue reading →

The wages of Scottish independence – membership of the EU

Scottish Numpty Party (SNP) leader Alex Salmond has a dream; well, more of an
adolescent  fantasy really. He imagines that an independent  Scotland  would
immediately be embraced enthusiastically by the EU. In the more heroically
bonkers versions of the fantasy, … Continue reading →

The wages of Scottish independence – The monarchy

Scottish Numpty Party (SNP) has committed itself to the Queen being Scotland’s
head of state should independence occur.
As with so much of the SNP policy towards independence this presumes something
which is far from self-evident, namely, that …Continue reading →

The wages of Scottish independence – immigration

Scots Numpty Party (SNP) fondly  imagines that  an independent Scotland would
continue to have free access to England. They recklessly  assume Scotland’s
position would be akin to that of the Republic of Ireland. However, that
assumption rests on   a …Continue reading →

The wages of Scottish independence – Public Debt

thing is certain about an independent Scotland: it would begin life with a
massive national debt. Exactly how much is problematic because  the Scottish
referendum on independence will probably not be held until 2015. The Scots
Numpty Party (SNP) …Continue reading →

The wages of Scottish independence – the currency problem

most problematic  decision for an independent Scotland is the currency.  There
are three choices: to keep using the pound, join the Euro or create their own
currency.   If they choose the pound or Euro they will not be truly … Continue reading →

of the most complex aspects  of disentangling Scotland from the rest of the UK
should  Scotland become independent is defence.   It is complex because of  (1)
the siting of the Trident submarines and other major ships at Faslane; (2)
Continue reading →

The wages of Scottish independence – public sector employment

of the many major issues which an independent Scotland would have to address is
the extent to which the Scottish economy is  dependent on public spending and in
particular the number of public sector jobs which would be  moved … Continue reading →

These posts also address the
same subject:

Scots Numpty Party (SNP) bases its case for the viability of Scotland’s
independence  on the idea that wicked England has been “stealin’ ouir oil” and
that  if only they had control of the tax revenues from UK oil and gas … Continue reading →

Make sure the costs of Scottish independence get into  the media

letter  below was published in the Times 10 May 2011. It is extremely important
that the debate on independence for Scotland  is conducted on the basis that
Scotland will not be allowed to walk away from the financial obligations … Continue reading →

Scottish independence? Yes, but only on these terms

Scots Numpty Party (SNP) has managed to defeat the  attempts of the unionists
who deliberately devised the electoral system to thwart single party government
(and hence leave independence off the practical political agenda) and get a
majority in Scotland.  The …Continue reading →

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  • hemp  On July 24, 2011 at 9:01 pm

    .On Wednesday we ran a based on a comment from our reliable north eastern Labour contributor HenryG suggesting possible moves over the leadership involving Peter Mandelson and South Shields MP and foreign secretary David Miliband..Last night while all the focus was on Mister Griffin the Mole in the online newspaper The First Post carried more noting that this weekend Peter Mandelson is travelling to South Shields to give the annual South Shields Lecture..As Rachel Sylvestor in the Times It would be fascinating to hear their private conversation. .Its very east to jump to conclusions but you just get a sense that something might be in the air.

  • hemp  On August 9, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    In a Professor John Kay one of Mr Salmond s own appointed experts argued that There is very little possible autonomy for Scotland which is not potentially available to it as part of the United Kingdom. And political pundit Peter Kellner in an to the SNP leader claims that Scots voters are far less interested in independence than in the delivery of good policies on jobs schools transport student fees and healthcare. .Recently Robert Henderson has penned a series of articles examining in detail the likely costs and complexities of separation which as he amply demonstrates in the piece below go beyond the political and economic..British Freedom agrees with these commentators that the case for Scottish independence is weak ill-considered and overstated. We strongly oppose the break-up of the United Kingdom which would surely weaken us all playing into the hands of globalists and the advocates of a world caliphate.. .The Wages of Scottish Independence the Loss of the Military.By Robert Henderson.One of the most complex aspects of disentangling Scotland from the rest of the UK should Scotland become independent is defence. It is complex because of 1 the siting of the Trident submarines and other major ships at Faslane 2 the awarding of MOD research contracts to Scotland and 3 the fact that the armed forces which now exist in Scotland would not be suited to Scotland s defence needs they being designed to fit into a UK defence strategy not a Scottish one..Back in 2002 the Scotch Numpty Party SNP had these rather grandiose plans ..Colin Campbell the party s defence spokesman gave details of a Scottish Defence Service SDS which would operate in a nuclear-free Scotland following the removal of Trident..Mr Campbell said current estimates showed that a defence programme would cost 600 million a year with an extra 300 million for works..The total defence budget of 1.8 billion would be about the same figure as the Ministry of Defence currently spends in Scotland..He told the delegates We are looking at a maximum establishment of 20 000 regular personnel in Scotland that is 5 000 extra people being paid in Scotland and spending their money in Scotland.

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