Whites in the sub-continent and sub-continental Asians in the UK

The more advanced liberal internationalists justify mass immigration into the UK by saying something along the lines of  “We went to their countries when we had an empire, now it is only right they should come here”.  Leaving aside the fact of mass white immigration from the EU to UK which has no colonial implications,  the claim that those from countries colonised by Britain with black and Asian populations are now simply returning the compliment ignores the fact that Britain acted  an Imperial power and mass immigration to the UK can only occur because the British elite permit it and they have done so against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the native population.   Moreover, there is also an awkward statistic which is ignored in the liberal’s false equation: the number of  white Britons in most of the British Empire was very small. The British  Raj in India is the best example of this. 

 The 1921 census  of  the  Indian   Empire  (which  included Burma and the  states  which  became   Pakistan  and  Bangladesh)  showed  a  total  population   of    318,492,480.   The  total  British  (white)  population   was  115,606.  This  represented 0.036% of the population  or  one  white for every 2755 Asians.

The total population of the UK in the 2001 census was 58.8 million  (http://www.statistics.gov.uk/cci/nugget.asp?id=455)

This is a graph showing Population of the United Kingdom: by ethnic group, April 2001

The majority of the UK population in 2001 were White (92 per cent). The remaining 4.6 million (or 7.9 per cent) people belonged to other ethnic groups. There were   2,083,759  people of  Pakistani,  Indian  and Bangladeshi origin . This represents  3.5%  of the population of Britain or one subcontinental  Asian  for  every  28  whites.   The  figures must have been significantly  understated because of illegal immigration and the fact  that   the  census relied on self-reporting  of racial  type.   In addition, it is probable  that quite a few of the “Mixed” and “Other Asian” categories – who comprise 924,781 individuals – have some sub-continental ancestry.   The true 2001 total of sub-continental Asians  may well have been nearer 3 million than 2 million.

With another ten years of mass immigration and higher breeding rates amongst those with sub-continental ancestry –  due to differing cultural norms and  the young  population profile of those with sub-continental antecedents –   it  is  not unreasonable  in 2011 to think in terms of a sub-continental population in the UK of  3 million. Indeed, that is probably a conservative estimate. However, even if  the figure is 3 million in a  UK population now estimated  at  around  62 million (http://www.statistics.gov.uk/cci/nugget.asp?id=6),  that represents 5%  of  the UK  population or approximately one sub-continental Asian for every 20 whites.

The  total  subcontinental population of the area covered by the Raj – India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma – is around  1.6  billion   today.  If whites were represented in that population in the same proportion  as  subcontinental  Asians are in the UK population today (assuming 3 million is a good estimate of the UK sub continental derived population) , that would mean   80 million  whites  on  the subcontinent.  Does anyone imagine  that  the  peoples of the subcontinent would accept that?

It  is also true  that the nature of the two  settlements  is  not comparable.  The Imperial  British in the sub-continent  overwhelmingly did  not  spend their whole lives there,  or bring up their children to  expect a life in India. Asians in this country both intend to  stay  here  permanently  and  raise  their  children  in  the   expectation that they will remain here.Settlement on the scale of sub-continental Asians in modern Britain is a form of conquest because the numbers are great enough to allow the immigrant groups to set up culturally separate communities  within Britain, communities which are at best quietly unengaged with British society and at worst actively hostile to it. It is an insidious form of conquest.

The profound impact that post war mass immigration has had on the UK  generally and England in particular is shown most dramatically by the  comparison between Britons in the sub-continent at the height of the Raj and Asians from the sub-continent in the UK now.  But  non-white immigration goes far beyond sub-continental Asians. The 2001 census showed 7.9% of the population as non-white. That was an underestimate because illegal immigrants would not return the census and the question on ethnicity was voluntary.  With higher breeding rates in the non-white population than in the white population of the UK  and continuing mass immigration over the past ten years, it is probable that the percentage of non-whites in the UK population is now in the region of 10-12%. 

The 1991 census showed that “In Great Britain the number of people who came from an ethnic group other than White grew by 53 per cent between 1991 and 2001, from 3.0 million in 1991 to 4.6 million in 2001. In 1991 ethnic group data were not collected on the Northern Ireland Census.” (http://www.statistics.gov.uk/cci/nugget.asp?id=455).  If the current percentage of non-whites is 10%,  that would mean there are over 6.0 million non-whites now in the UK, a doubling in twenty years. If the same rate of increase is maintained over the next twenty years, by then more than twenty per cent of the UK population would be non-white. Is that what the native population of Britain really wants?

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  • BritishActivism  On May 30, 2011 at 11:11 pm

    I have to admit that I only tend to pop by and read this blog from time to time, but it is always good to have a catch up when I do stroll through here.

    There is a quite a unique place being filled here that touches on a lot of important topics, some of which are certainly important to myself as a British Nationalist (who has a tendency towards libertarianism ideals within that sphere).

    Not many sites dare touch the issue of ethnicity and its roll in the nations affairs/well being, so it always good to see sites which can articulately recognise and argue around such controversial topics.

    I realise that this article is from April, so you will not have known (at the time) about the recent statistics that have been in the papers.

    To briefly keep you abreast of this, it has been stated that the ‘non white’ percentage of the population has risen by 40% in the last 8 years. It is in the mainstream media, but I do not have the links handy at the moment. One of them was the London Standard this tail end of May.

    In your article it proposes that the current population is around the 10% mark, seeing as it is based on old and flawed data (not your fault, as that’s all we can access).

    However, in light of the recent revelations – (no doubt to help take the “shock” out of the sting when the full census is revealed) – it works out that around 16.7% of the country is currently non-white.

    These, I should add, are the ones they know about. The figure could easily be in the region of 18-20%.

    As you may already be aware, there was a Daily Mail article the other year which revealed (quite starkly in it’s first online incarnation, then mellowed in tone for its second incarnation later that day) that in 2005, 1 in 3 babies born in England and Wales were “non-white British” born to mothers who were themselves born over seas.

    Therefore, unless I am mistaken, 33% of the under 6 year olds are already non-indigenous / non-white. The vast majority of the indigenous British stock is also ageing, thus compounding the transformation when those older generations sadly depart from this world.

    To make matters worse, from my perspective, the figure of 1 in 3 only applied to mothers who were themselves born over seas. This indicates that the figures did not include children of non-white origin who are second, third, or even fourth generation.

    Therefore the figure of 33% of births could quite easily be double that amount. But who knows the real state of affairs?.

    Regarding the supposition in the article that it is not what people want, there was also a YouGov poll done, cited by MigrationWatch in 2010 that also alluded to this view.

    The report titled ‘Widespread concern about the idea that White British might find themselves in a minority in the UK by around 2066’ (from November 2010) “revealed widespread unhappiness about the result of a recent study which found that, if immigration continues at roughly its present levels, then by around 2066 there will be fewer White British people in the UK than those from other ethnic groups”. It found that “73% were unhappy (56% very unhappy) while only 2% were happy and 21% were neither or unhappy.”

    Considering almost 20% of the population are now non-whites and other immigrants, I think that the 73% speaks volumes in itself when it comes to general indigenous public opinion.

    The mystery is, why do they keep voting for more of the same? Do they think the demographic explosion has not already gone off (when it indeed has?).

    Is it because vast swathes of the country are still not bearing the brunt of the “enrichment” and changes it brings to societies, towns, villages? (My home town in Lancashire is already 33% Pakistani/Bangladeshi, yet a 30 minute drive brings towns with less than 4%).

    Or is it because they are not articulate enough how to express this disquiet in modern Britain due to the outrage and guilt attached with doing so?

    Or is it because some of the only parties that are prepared to address this important matter are dually not competent enough to command and explain the issues whilst also vastly underfunded and hounded by a hysterical mainstream media?

    Perhaps it is all three, and more I haven’t thought of.

    Anyway, I just thought I would chip into the debate and try and put over my points/concerns/questions.

    British Activism.

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