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National Identity Theft

The Historical Association reports that history as a subject is dying in schools.  http://www.history.org.uk/news/news_869.html. This is no accident but the deliberate policy of all governments from the 1980s onwards.
First, the idea of chronology was removed; themes replaced periods and children were  encouraged not to learn about  great figures from the past but to “empathise” with common folk  by imagining they were a peasant in Mediaeval England  or a chambermaid in Victorian London.    Then the curriculum was narrowed by teaching the Tudors and the Hitler period over and over again. Finally, history was made non-compulsory after the age of 14.
Why did all this happen? Because the entire British political class became committed to multiculturalism and the putative wonders of diversity, a state of affairs they had engineered over half a century from 1945 by allowing mass  immigration.  To enforce multiculturalism it was necessary to destroy historical understanding and national sentiment  amongst the native population, because the success  of multiculturalism relied on the native population being denied not only a public voice but the intellectual and emotional  tools to oppose the imposition of multiculturalism.
The other side of the multicultural coin was to incessantly promote the various  cultures of immigrants as things of great value   which both excited and strengthened the naturally separarist  tendencies of the and indoctrinated the native population with the idea that these people  have culture, you have none.
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